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Video ideas for KYR SP33DY's 3 Million Sub Special?

Discussion in 'Video ideas for the Crew' started by xXxXxECKZxXxXx, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. What are some good video ideas for SP33Dy's upcoming 3 Million Subscriber Special?
  2. He should replie to me in his video to this comment
  3. Mr Joshh

    Mr Joshh Rap God Legendary Member

    He should do some irl trolls/pranks
  4. Stinky_T

    Stinky_T Member

    Hey could just do what he normally does everybody in the crew are my hero's so yeah he could sing and fart the hole video I would still like the video lol
  5. Muffin_Boy

    Muffin_Boy Member

    Draw my life

    Giveaway (sp33dy controllers *0*)

    Porn video with hova
  6. withesMF

    withesMF Active Member

    Haha @Muffin_Boy 's last suggestion!
  7. FGxNuKeD

    FGxNuKeD Member

    no not just hova all the crew
  8. Triple_F

    Triple_F Active Member

    Vid with VanossGaming
  9. FGxNuKeD

    FGxNuKeD Member

    how you met all the crew memebers
  10. Lucky

    Lucky Active Member

    I want to see a video with him totally acting full of himself, really acting the part of a pompus prick both online and irl, then watch some video clips from other COD youtubers roasting him, telling stories of how much of an ass he is, or simply telling him to fuck off.
  11. I agree with the guy that said grandstanding video!
  12. Auto correct *vanoss gaming
  13. HungryVillagers

    HungryVillagers Active Member

    He should make a song and a music video of something completely random
  14. I think a left toe reveal is in order!
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  15. bdogg73

    bdogg73 Member

    I agree, VanossGaming has hit 1M+ Subs recently, and SP33DY is near to hitting 3K subs! A nice collab video with Vanoss's Crew, and SP33DY's Crew, maybe like a custom SnD game, with all of them being competitive and having a great time. I don't know! It's SP33DY's and Vanoss's choices. Maybe it could be like a weekly series, where they all play a game together. Just a suggestion :D

    Your Welcome for the suggestions,

    ~bdogg73 PSN / @brunocee_
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  16. YTSuperguy

    YTSuperguy Active Member

    Crew basketball game
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  17. Jamesy

    Jamesy Active Member

    I would of thought he would of used that song as 3 million, he could film while in LA.

    He said a draw my life is likely in the future.
  18. Yahel12

    Yahel12 Member

    He should open the video with the normal majestic intro of ATTENTION, and then the video should start with him sitting with the rest of the crew ( :
  19. I think he should keep an apple behind his ear while juggling jackrabbit jugulars
  20. iDiizeeDylan

    iDiizeeDylan Member

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