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Username for buying ranks

Discussion in 'Server Issues' started by Redkite, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Redkite

    Redkite Member

    On the buying ranks page it asks you for your username. Is that your Crewniverse username (I presume) or MC username?
  2. Convict

    Convict Well-Known Member

    Minecraft username.
  3. Death

    Death Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the donation site is purely for the server right now, though in the future they may make it so the rank applies to the forum as well.
  4. FuzzNuggettt

    FuzzNuggettt New Member

    Buycraft (currently being used for the server) is completely separate to forum ranks. If it says buycraft you always know it's for the server.
  5. Jake021

    Jake021 Active Member

    Also when you buy remember that your username is CaSe SeNsItIvE
  6. Dylan

    Dylan Retired Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Minecraft username.
  7. Redkite

    Redkite Member

    @Dylan I bought astro rank and it's there on all maps but survival were it still says [earthling]. It's been like this for over an hour now.
  8. Dylan

    Dylan Retired Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Is this fixed yet?
  9. Jake021

    Jake021 Active Member

    Just got commander!!
  10. Redkite

    Redkite Member

    Yes, Thank you <3

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