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Starting a new server with a copy of Skyblock and Minigames.

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Jadems, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Jadems

    Jadems Crewniverse Developer Staff Member Administrator

    NobodyEpic was nice enough to allow me to take the maps/plugins for Skyblock 2 and Minigames if I decided to start a new server and wanted to use them. I put quite a bit of work in to SB and MG so I'd be pretty sad to see them just vanish. I have an under-utilized dedicated server sitting around in the frigid wasteland known as Canada that should be able to comfortably run them at a reduced capacity.

    I'm currently setting the server up. I'll be hosting fresh copies of Skyblock and Minigames initially, all of you are welcome to play on it. This wont be the same as Crewniverse. For one your rank from Crewniverse wont transfer over (in fact there wont be any donor ranks, everyone will have permissions similar to what a Sith or Jedi has now on those servers). I will however be making the players who were previously mods on Crewniverse mods on this server since I already know they can be trusted with the ability to ban/mute people.

    We're starting fresh on Skyblock so your islands wont transfer. Everyone will have pretty much all of the permissions but I am going to get rid of a few of the really OP kits. It's a similar situation for Minigames, the leaderboards will reset and most permissions will be available for everyone. I was never a fan of churning out new content before really polishing the old stuff, my focus for at least the first month or so would be ironing out some of the long-standing quirks on both of these servers and generally improving them.

    Having such a large difference between Earthling and Masterchief made Skyblock in particular really difficult to balance and keep interesting for everyone, I think it penalizes people for farming way too much as it is now so I'd be rebalancing the prices a bit as well. We'd also be starting without those economy exploits that popped up and made the game pretty unfair for those who didn't know about any of them (and resulted in me going on an unfortunate [but fun] rampage on the islands of people who abused it to make over 100M when I found out about it).

    If people continue to play on it once I'm satisfied with how everything is running I'll work out with the players how to proceed as far as adding major new features/servers goes. I haven't come up with a good name for the server yet, but I collect funny domain names so I'll just use one of them temporarily until someone suggests a good name or inspiration comes. For now I'll be using

    I'm going to give running it a shot since I do rather enjoy working on this stuff, I have the means to make this happen, and some players expressed an interest before Crewniverse shut down. Unless there are any unforeseen complications I should have at least Skyblock running late this evening. I'll update this thread when people can log in.

    **UPDATE** Skyblock is working on You'll start off in mglobby and will need to type /server skyblock to get there for the time being (the minigame queues aren't currently working). Try if doesn't work for you.

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
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  2. sembiote

    sembiote Well-Known Member Well-Known Member

    Jade, you the real MVP *slow clap*
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  3. MyNameIsJeff

    MyNameIsJeff Member

  4. 5656samuell

    5656samuell Kill me please Well-Known Member

  5. NoahMaas

    NoahMaas #UnplugCrewniverse Well-Known Member

    really looking forward to this.
  6. Napo

    Napo Meme Lord Experienced Member

  7. Teville

    Teville Ayy lmao Experienced Member

  8. Wolfy

    Wolfy Legendary Member

    Damn maybe the Crew community isn't dying, we're just migrating!
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  9. NoahMaas

    NoahMaas #UnplugCrewniverse Well-Known Member

    we are the anti social, late geese.
  10. Noble

    Noble Legendary Member

    You say you'll be carrying the mods over does that include the ones that never played? And even worse Mzz? >_>
  11. Mzz

    Mzz Ex In-Game Mod Legendary Member

  12. Noble

    Noble Legendary Member

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  13. Mzz

    Mzz Ex In-Game Mod Legendary Member

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  14. Noble

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  15. Mzz

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  16. Noble

    Noble Legendary Member

  17. Napo

    Napo Meme Lord Experienced Member

  18. Jadems

    Jadems Crewniverse Developer Staff Member Administrator

    Especially the ones that never played, those are the one least likely to cause me trouble.
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  19. Noble

    Noble Legendary Member

    Pls be sarcasm :'( and don't carry Mzz over. Take a vote on who wants Mzz to carry over? Pls :unsure:
  20. John_aka_Alwayz

    John_aka_Alwayz #HalaMadrid Well-Known Member

    sounds great considering I never gotta play on crewni, am very excited :D

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