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Skyblock 2 released, 50% sale

Discussion in 'Crewniverse Rules, News & Announcements' started by Sirenfal, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. Sirenfal

    Sirenfal Senior Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We've decided to run a sale to celebrate Skyblock2 being open. The sale is for 50% off ranks, rank upgrades, fun packs, and Skyblock packages.

    Skyblock XP and cash packages are now available in the store.

    Skyblock2 has flight enabled, the kits from the original Skyblock, and generally similar in-game store prices to Skyblock1. It also has our new PvP arena!


    Flight is disabled in the arena. It can be reached by building a PvP portal for a substantial fee ;)

    I've already seen some gambling happen on fights in the arena, I hope to see that more often. Put that cash money to work for you.


    Building the same pattern with the same blocks will immediately open a PvP portal. Anyone, including visitors to your island may use your portal. You are also allowed to TP people to the arena once you've built a portal. Anything you lose in the arena will not be restored, so don't bring items if you're attached to them.

    There is temporarily a PvP portal in spawn, but it will be removed in a week. After that, you'll have to build your own or use a friend's to reach the arena.


    Thank you for playing Crewniverse, we hope you enjoy Skyblock2.
  2. RealZzCreations

    RealZzCreations Active Member Active Member

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  3. RealZzCreations

    RealZzCreations Active Member Active Member

    and i <3 you SirenKappa
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  4. Benji

    Benji Life is like a Rhino that never stops running Legendary Member

    PvP in skyblock? That's a rather different take on the whole skyblock idea. I like it. Nice work, looks enjoyable. I'll be sure to try it out!
  5. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

    Really glad about the sale and cash packs/xp being in the store. Nice!
    But one question...
    Can you clarify that? Are you able to TP people to you while in the actual pvp part of the arena?
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  6. Sinkip

    Sinkip Quality Assurance Staff Member Quality Assurance

    Yep. You can use /tpa commands while in the arena.
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  7. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

    So if someone says tpa for drop party and they're in the arena it would no longer be punishable (tp trapping/player killing)?
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  8. Enders

    Enders Guest

  9. Benji

    Benji Life is like a Rhino that never stops running Legendary Member

    go ahead and finish the dick already skrub Kappa
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  10. WaterGunz

    WaterGunz Meme Lord Experienced Member

    How long is the sale going on for?¿
  11. kdthewiz

    kdthewiz RIP Razer Kdthewiz ╾━╤デ╦︻ Well-Known Member

    I believe monday
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  12. Sirenfal

    Sirenfal Senior Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You can only TP players to the spectator area at the top, not into the arena itself.
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  13. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

    Alright thanks. That's what I was wondering.
  14. jlonso

    jlonso Oh Anthonio, My Anthonio. Legendary Member


    AND, 50% DISCOUNT?

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  15. Teville

    Teville Ayy lmao Experienced Member

    Buy me Master Chief.

  16. Tetshio

    Tetshio Experienced Member Experienced Member

    o_O sees SB2 + arena...

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  17. Mzz

    Mzz Ex In-Game Mod Legendary Member

  18. Aniket

    Aniket Guest

    Well done all Crewniverse staff :) Skyblock was definitely worth the wait!<3
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  19. Nallum

    Nallum You're all Peasants. Legendary Member

    Someone upgrade me
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  20. Aniket

    Aniket Guest

    Nah me first.
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