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Discussion in 'Crewniverse Rules, News & Announcements' started by Sirenfal, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Sirenfal

    Sirenfal Senior Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Effective Friday 26th the Crewniverse Minecraft server will be shutting down.

    The Crew lost interest in Minecraft a long time ago, and without a consistent playerbase the server has been losing money every month for the past several months. We have a fleet of servers supposed to be capable of supporting thousands of players, but they're money down the drain. Our contract with our host is over now. While I presented the Crew with several options, including moving the server to a different host, they have ultimately decided to shut down Crewniverse.

    Effective immediately Crewniverse's BuyCraft store has been shut down, and in the next few days NobodyEpic will be issuing refunds for all payments made in the past seven days. Developer @Jadems, support @strum4h, and I already stepped down at the beginning of this month in private once the Crew's decision was made. I'm not sure how they'll handle any issues with the refunds, but I'll try to help coordinate issues if there are any.

    While this may change in the future, the Crew intends to keep the forum open. The future of the TeamSpeak server is unclear. The Minecraft server may reopen in the future in a much smaller form (probably only skyblock2 and Factions), though there are no plans to do so at this time.

    I never intended to be here as long as I did, but I've grown to be friends with a lot of you and I'm sad it's over. You've been a wonderful community, and I'll perosnally never forget a lot of the great memories I have here. I've met some amazing people, amazing friends here. I'll miss it, this is pretty much how I feel. :(

    As one human being to another, I ask you to keep the inevitable angry posts to other threads. Many people will be heartbroken about the community, and I'd like to dedicate this thread to sharing people's goodbyes and memories with each other.

    I hope to meet you all at other communities in the future. Have a nice day, thank you for playing at Crewniverse.
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  2. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

  3. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

    Since it's over now I'll be nice to you. Cya Siren, and good luck.
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  4. snivell

    snivell Experienced Member Legendary Member

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  5. strum4h

    strum4h Community Manager Staff Member Administrator


    But seriously, it's been real. Say what you will about everything I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.
  6. XcaLi

    XcaLi Well-Known Member Well-Known Member

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  7. Mzz

    Mzz Ex In-Game Mod Legendary Member

    Sad to hear, aswell as speaking to you privately about this prior

    Thanks for giving me, and many of the other moderators a great time. It's a pleasure to have been able work alongside you, and the rest of the staff.

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  8. SaraClair

    SaraClair Sad, Rad & A Little Bit Bad (At Minecraft)


    it was good while it lasted guys, love you all :(
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  9. Wolfy

    Wolfy Legendary Member

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do in your future. <3

    As for the Crew's decision(s), I would've done the same thing rather than the server crashing and burning more than it already is now.

    I wish I could've had a better experience on the server, yet I do, like all other players, have a story of my own.

    Anyways, good luck to all the staff and players that will be leaving once this goes into effect. To the forums members and any staff that stay, I will be looking forward to keep on communicating with everyone left via forums or possibly TeamSpeak, depending on the future of both of those.
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  10. Sinkip

    Sinkip Quality Assurance Staff Member Quality Assurance

    I really enjoyed the new skyblock and I'll be sad to see it go. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to keep this place running. <3
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  11. Subass1998

    Subass1998 Mkay Well-Known Member

    ahhahaahhaahahhahahahahahahahahaahahha xD
  12. Annaax

    Annaax Well-Known Member

    Gonna miss this server so much :'( Met so many great people. Hopefully the teamspeak can stay up. <3
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  13. ItsMonty

    ItsMonty Member

    I hate to say this, but im going to miss it ;-; This is the server i have met everyone i am friends with now. Ive made some very close friendships from the server and im gonna hate to see it gone ;-; #Bless
  14. Noble

    Noble Forum Fagit

    Has this been put in the server broadcast?
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  15. 5656samuell

    5656samuell Kill me please Well-Known Member

  16. StrawSix

    StrawSix Well-Known Member Well-Known Member

    RIP crewniverse 2k15 <3 i'll miss you. I have met a bunch of great people during the time the server was up and i'll miss you all! I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone that has made the server enjoyable for me :) especially @Annaax (the bae)

    If you want to keep in touch, add me on Skype: josh.jc123
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  17. Amf_

    Amf_ Jackie's guy. Forum God

    RIP crweni!!!
  18. xSilent

    xSilent Focken Gey Well-Known Member

    Goodbye everyone I love you all <3
    Keep in touch: skype = pyrosilent
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  19. Chris4418

    Chris4418 Member

    this is sad news, met some lovely people that i may never see again. RIP crew. i also heard the Crew are also losing viewere on their youtube videos too so this cant be good news. hope something can be done to help save this server or help get it rebuilt in the future

    RIP CREWNIVERSE you will be dearly missed by those who dedicated their time to playing everyday or as often as they could. looks like im gonna move over to Lebroncraft. hope to see some of you over there in the future!!
  20. JayPillages1

    JayPillages1 Friendly Neighborhood MasterChief Active Member

    RIP crew. Its odd because just yesterday I was saying that the server will go down soon and here it is. It is really sad because I enjoy being here and playing with the friends I've made. Hopefully it can come back in the future but if not I'm glad to say it's been fun playing
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