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by Sirenfal at 2:12 AM
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The creative1 server crashed a few days ago and the map was corrupted. Upon trying to restore the most recent backup, I realized the backup system had stopped backing up creative1 and creative2 since September 18th. This problem has been fixed, but unfortunately too late to save creative1. Checking that the backup system has no issues periodically is my responsibility, which I failed at.

We've restored the server to the September 18th backup as opposed to resetting the map.

I take full responsibility for this issue and I'd like to apologize profusely to anyone who lost work from the past two months.

We'll be running some sort of build competition (winners picked by the Crew) to try to make it up a bit, more details on that in the next week.
by censink at 1:29 PM
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Hello all,

It has come to our attention that a lot of banned people have been asking around on the forums if someone could buy them an unban token..

We want to be very clear, we do no longer allow creation of such topics and/or other public places of the forums (Not on your profile posts either, and this obviously includes the shoutbox).
You may ask friends directly using pm's, but not offer any trades for it.

As that friend helping out the banned player, you can not expect we will help you out if a certain illegal trade for the unban didn't go as planned. If you chargeback the unban token, you will be banned as well.
Choose wisely whether you want to spend your money on someone.

Thank you for reading and spread the word as this may go unnoticed to some ;)
by Sirenfal at 3:42 PM
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We're currently running the Spooky Sale. Everything on the store is 31% off right now.

You can show your support for a Crew member by buying one of their named Spooky packs. You'll receive a special prefix in game that lasts two weeks with the name of the Crew member you supported, as well as three unique items and one unique item specific to the Crew member you picked.

The sale will run through next Sunday (The 9th).

EDIT: The sale has been extended three days to Wednesday the 12th in light of the minigames launch.
by Sirenfal at 9:41 AM
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Unfortunately these servers are consistently causing problems for us due to the skyblock plugin, which is obviously frustrating many of you as much as it does the administrative staff. The plugin is extremely inefficient, and DylanP, our previous head administrator was unfortunately not able to find a developer to rewrite it at the time he opened the server.

Instead, he bought very expensive, very unstable overclocked servers (@ 4.5ghz). They cost an enormous amount (enough to pay for every other server on Crewniverse...), and they don't even keep skyblock playable for the cost. Have you ever noticed the server going down for several hours at a time? That's the server powering off to prevent the CPU from catching on fire.

With that in mind, Skyblock1-3 will be shut down in one week (November 1st).

The plugin will be remade from scratch by our developer, but that's still a ways away. We intend to have Skyblock return, with a map reset, sometime in December or January. This is our...