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by Sirenfal at 1:12 PM
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We've made custom modifications to PlotMe which seem to be working, so users who changed their names can access their plots again. We'll be waiting a few hours to see if there are any issues with Creative1, if everything works smoothly we'll run the migration on Creative2 next tonight. It will take several hours.

Thank you for your patience.
by Jadems at 1:31 AM
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I wanted to take a few minutes to respond to some concerns and questions I've heard lately.

I changed my name and I'm broke as hell!
Changing your name wreaks absolute havoc on a lot of plugins. Developers like storing information about your rank, balance, and pretty much everything else by stashing it somewhere along with your player name because it's convenient and makes logical sense. As far as your rank and permissions go you're fine, I wrote our permissions plugin with name changing in mind from the get-go (don't worry, your bans and mutes are fine too). However, when it comes to stuff like your prison balance changing your name is exactly the same as logging in with a new account. We've been doing our best to prepare for this change but it wound up being too little too late and I apologize for that. We're still working on it, but in the mean time UNTIL WE GIVE YOU THE GO-AHEAD AVOID CHANGING YOUR NAME IF YOU CARE...
by Sirenfal at 8:14 PM
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Some servers have issues with name changes, but anything lost (plots, items) still exist, we just need to move them to the new name. Currently working on updating creative1, but the PlotMe UUID conversion is at 7 hours and running...

It would be advisable to avoid changing your name until we're finished fixing these issues.

EDIT: PlotMe's update process (Surprise!) doesn't work, so we're going to have to write a script to manually update the files ourselves. Standby guys :/
by PhDMiner at 6:39 PM
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Hello Crewniverse,

I just want give you guys a little update. I patched some bugs/exploits that we had on Prison 1 and 2 and tested it to make sure it was working completely fine. I'm just going to be posting some things that we have patched and hopefully shouldn't be intruding in the future. If you see any more bugs/exploits that I might have forgotten to remove or have been created by this bug fix, let me know in the replies.

Fixed bugs/exploits:
Players able to mine endstone outside the prestige area
Players able to get out of the prison area through mob arena(further explanation below)

Edit(01-16-2015 6:15AM EST)
Players able to use /ma join to gain more health while they are playing in mob arena.

Known issues:
Players have the ability to abuse regions in the mines and grow trees and place water(Need to update World Guard to fix this and doing that might potentially break prison)

Explanation of the Mob Arena bug fix:

So there was a way for players...