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by Sirenfal at 9:41 AM
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Unfortunately these servers are consistently causing problems for us due to the skyblock plugin, which is obviously frustrating many of you as much as it does the administrative staff. The plugin is extremely inefficient, and DylanP, our previous head administrator was unfortunately not able to find a developer to rewrite it at the time he opened the server.

Instead, he bought very expensive, very unstable overclocked servers (@ 4.5ghz). They cost an enormous amount (enough to pay for every other server on Crewniverse...), and they don't even keep skyblock playable for the cost. Have you ever noticed the server going down for several hours at a time? That's the server powering off to prevent the CPU from catching on fire.

With that in mind, Skyblock1-3 will be shut down in one week (November 1st).

The plugin will be remade from scratch by our developer, but that's still a ways away. We intend to have Skyblock return, with a map reset, sometime in December. This is our first...
by BioGear94 at 4:55 PM
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As you all may know, we have a strict policy on our rules, especially regarding chat rules. Recently there has been confusion whether or not replacing numbers with letters to say something we condemn in our rules. Be aware that this post is basically a final warning to all who think it is okay, that finding any loopholes in the chat to bypass a plugin or to say something against the rules without fully saying it. If you do find a player doing this, please be kind enough to report it to one of the in-game moderators. Any proof provided must be AFTER this post was created. We hope to see you on the server.

The Crewniverse Staff.
by Sirenfal at 4:03 PM
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We've just been informed that physical fiber links belonging to one of our major network peers are cut (physical problem). They're working on the issue now, but we may have total downtime or intermittent connection problems until it is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there's unfortunately nothing we can do to speed the fix up..

EDIT: Telia appears to have to resolved their issues now, and our host has added additional fiber links with more providers to add redundancy against something like this happening in the future. Thank you for your patience.
by Sirenfal at 8:40 PM
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EDIT: See this post for more details.

Hello, Crewniverse players.

We're monitoring 1.8 closely, and it seems that the server for the latest patch has memory and performance issues. For server stability we're going to remain on 1.7 for a few days to wait and see how the server situation develops, either by Mojang releasing a hotfix or the community (Spigot, etc) working on the issue.

Thank you for your patience.

>picture of Crewniverse sysadmins updating to 1.8