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by Harvey at 10:43 PM
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There has been a lot of recent things coming from shoutbox that are un-needed for the server. All players should feel welcome here and met with an amount of respect when they're talking to the community. I understand there are jokes and things like that, but if a player asks you to stop, or that something you said has offended them, or upset them it needs to stop immediately. I get quite a few messages asking if punishments can be dealt to people harassing others in the shoutbox, or general disrespect. And I've tried to pay more attention to it to help out, but it was met with even more disrespect. So, as of now, when a staff member of Crewniverse asks you to drop something, stop talking about something, and of those things, please just do it and move on. If you feel you weren't talking about something offensive, rude, or anything, PM a forum mod about it, DO NOT ARGUE MATTERS IN CHAT. I know everyone's either been a part of it in some shape or form including staff, which is...
by NobodyEpic at 11:16 PM
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Sirenfal Edit: (1:38AM EST) Mods will be promoted in-game in 8-16 hours. PREPARE YOURSELVES
Sirenfal Edit: (2:23PM EST) Mods are promoted.

Hello everyone!

After a long review process, the senior staff has handpicked a group of two dozen applications out of over 1000, from which I have selected 10 new moderators.

Just to be clear, these choices were made last week, but we wanted to talk to all of these people first as well as deal with some other issues that were more pressing. In reverse alphabetical order, the new moderators are...

@Harvey - Im_Harvey
@Alex Lawrence - Biogear

After reviewing these applications and talking to each and every one of these individuals, the staff has...
by NobodyEpic at 2:55 PM
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What happened?
Around 9:00 AM EST this morning, Crewniverse experienced a security breach, and a database containing the emails of our users was leaked. Although we have since fixed this issue, we are very sorry this has occurred and will do our best to make sure this will not happen again in the future.

What needs to happen now?
Change your password if you haven't already. If you're reading this forum post, you probably already did that in order to regain access to the Crewniverse website since we are requiring all users to change their passwords before logging back in. However, if your password is similar to the one you were using before or you use this password on any other website, we ask that you please consider changing your password for an added level of security.

Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for your dedication to Crewniverse, and have a wonderful day.
by NobodyEpic at 2:06 PM
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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to announce we have a 25% off sale going on now through Memorial Day (May 26th). If you've been waiting to purchase anything from the Crewniverse Store, now is the time to do it!

As usual when we have our sales, we will be giving away free rank upgrades to a select few who purchase a rank during the weekend. In addition to announcing these winners, the Crewniverse twitter account will be tweeting out additional single use sale codes during the sale weekend. So you will want to be following @Crewniverse to save the most money possible this weekend and in the future.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you on the server!

- The Crewniverse...