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by PhDMiner at 7:41 PM
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Hello Crewniverse,

I'll try to make this as short as possible. Well unfortunately life sometimes ends up getting in the way of certain things. My personal life problems and stresses have kind of gotten in the way for me to do anything. I'm going be taking some time off of Crewniverse. I don't know how long this might take but I made a rough estimate of 2 months. I haven't decided to officially quit so don't worry. I'll be back, hopefully very soon. This all depends on how my life goes and changes from the time I've taken off and who knows maybe I might come back much sooner than I expected. I'm kind of disappointed this had to happen just when skyblock was launching because I was really excited for it. I might try and show up for the launch, but no promises. I hope you guys understand my situation. Do not freak out because I don't think I'll be quiting anytime soon, just a small break!

Stay classy,

by Sirenfal at 8:04 AM
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The server is temporarily in open beta now, player cap will fluctuate between 100 and 300 as we measure server lag. The server is 1.8.

To join type /server skyblock

The thing I imagine people will be most divided on is a fundamental one: /fly. We made the decision to completely remove it from all ranks because we feel it defeats one of the main challenge points of playing skyblock and consequently makes the experience less fun. I recognize this will be controversial, but I ask those of you against this change to keep an open mind for awhile. If it really upsets you, you are of course welcome to not play the beta. We're still open to changing this, but we're going to roll with it for now to see how we like it.

Where's my starting dosh at?
Martian ($150k), Commander ($350k), Sith Lord ($500k), Jedi Master ($750k), and Master Chief ($1.5m) have a kit with an item redeemable for the aforementioned amounts. To get your money type /kit [your rank], then sell the item...
by BioGear94 at 6:42 AM
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Today I will officially announce some rules we have that people either don't understand fully, or don't know about.

Finally we will go to the terms: "Nigger" and "Nigga". "Nigger" is ALWAYS going to be considered offensive. There really is no way around that. That is a term used to degrade black people and WILL stay bannable. "Nigga" on the other hand isn't used solely to offend other players and is a common way to greet pals or "Homies". This term IS allowed as long as it ISN'T used to offend other players.

How this transfers in game mod wise: We will be banning players with our own descretion for how certain things are phrased. If you think something that a player said is bannable, it is better to report it than ignore it.

This has now been officially released and if there are questions on the matter, please refer back to this thread.
NOTE: Sorry to...
by PhDMiner at 3:54 PM
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For some reason I couldn't edit my last post about Mastermind cells, so if you have missed it, please read the previous post here.

I want to make this completely clear before the Mastermind cells are launched. If you own any other prestige cell and a mastermind cell, your prestige cells will be cleared(including Mastermind) and you will be blacklisted from mastermind cells for 2 weeks and you won't be able to get one for the duration of that time. I will be on roughly 2 hours before the launch of the mastermind cells to allow players to do cell transfers to give away their prestige cells for a chance to buy the Mastermind cells.

Also the prices of the cells are going to be 500k for 3 days(decided by the poll on the previous post). The value on p2 will be multiplied to compensate for OP prison.

Launch Time(First): 02/13/2015 3:00AM Eastern Standard Time(First three cells in P1 and...