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by PhDMiner at 6:39 PM
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Hello Crewniverse,

I just want give you guys a little update. I patched some bugs/exploits that we had on Prison 1 and 2 and tested it to make sure it was working completely fine. I'm just going to be posting some things that we have patched and hopefully shouldn't be intruding in the future. If you see any more bugs/exploits that I might have forgotten to remove or have been created by this bug fix, let me know in the replies.

Fixed bugs/exploits:
Players able to mine endstone outside the prestige area
Players able to get out of the prison area through mob arena(further explanation below)

Edit(01-16-2015 6:15AM EST)
Players able to use /ma join to gain more health while they are playing in mob arena.

Known issues:
Players have the ability to abuse regions in the mines and grow trees and place water(Need to update World Guard to fix this and doing that might potentially break prison)

Explanation of the Mob Arena bug fix:

So there was a way for players...
by Sirenfal at 8:04 AM
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We've updated minigames with a new main lobby, stats, and leaderboards. We'll be releasing new maps in the next few days, standby for that :)

Thanks for playing at Crewniverse, we hope to see you in game.



by PhDMiner at 3:18 PM
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Hello Crewniverse!

Well, it has come to our attention that a lot of players have been trolling with numerical IPs. We specifically have rules against advertising but players are constantly finding loopholes to troll/annoy other players in the community. Players who troll in this manner are causing other players or mods to report/ban them for basically advertising the Crewniverse server IP.

Moving forward, we are now establishing a new rule where you will NOT be allowed to say any numerical IPs including Crewniverse numerical IPs or non-existent IPs(i.e is included in private messages as well. If anyone at any points really needs the numerical IPs of any of our servers(TeamSpeak or Minecraft Server) due to connection issues you can ask the Moderators and we will let you know. You are only allowed to say what is listed in the rules.

"Do not advertise, this includes but is not limited to:
Any IP Addresses(Only exceptions are the Crewniverse Server IP:...
by Sirenfal at 5:09 PM
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We've added two new maps to minigames, both designed by @scottiejunior

First off we have Midnight, a new Breakglass map

Second we have Glacier, a new One in the Chamber map


We're happy with how these came out and think the community will like them both. Hope to see you in game.