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by Jadems at 9:49 PM
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As I mentioned in this thread I've set up a new server currently located on which is running fresh copies or Skyblock and Minigames. All old islands/balances are gone and the minigames leaderboards have been cleared. There are no donor ranks (nor will there be) and everyone has permissions similar to what a Sith or Jedi used to have.

I just finished getting Minigames running, so I figured I'd make another post to let people know the initial setup is done. I've made a few other tweaks here and there. Twice the mobs are now allowed in a chunk on Skyblock, all players have the same kits available, and all of the classes in OITC are now free. I'll be tweaking the prices in Skyblock to make farming more lucrative in the next few days. All bans/mutes have been erased. As for new features/servers and bug fixes, I'm just playing it by ear based...
by Sirenfal at 9:02 AM
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Effective Friday 26th the Crewniverse Minecraft server will be shutting down.

The Crew lost interest in Minecraft a long time ago, and without a consistent playerbase the server has been losing money every month for the past several months. We have a fleet of servers supposed to be capable of supporting thousands of players, but they're money down the drain. Our contract with our host is over now. While I presented the Crew with several options, including moving the server to a different host, they have ultimately decided to shut down Crewniverse.

Effective immediately Crewniverse's BuyCraft store has been shut down, and in the next few days NobodyEpic will be issuing refunds for all payments made in the past seven days. Developer @Jadems, support @strum4h, and I already stepped down at the beginning of this month in private once the Crew's decision was made. I'm not sure how they'll handle any issues with the refunds, but I'll try to help...
by Sirenfal at 11:33 PM
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We've decided to run a sale to celebrate Skyblock2 being open. The sale is for 50% off ranks, rank upgrades, fun packs, and Skyblock packages.

Skyblock XP and cash packages are now available in the store.

Skyblock2 has flight enabled, the kits from the original Skyblock, and generally similar in-game store prices to Skyblock1. It also has our new PvP arena!

Flight is disabled in the arena. It can be reached by building a PvP portal for a substantial fee ;)

I've already seen some gambling happen on fights in the arena, I hope to see that more often. Put that cash money to work for you.


Building the same pattern with the same blocks will immediately open a PvP portal. Anyone, including visitors to your island may use your portal. You are also allowed to TP people to the arena once you've built a portal. Anything you lose in the arena will not be restored, so don't bring items if...
by Sirenfal at 10:31 PM
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Skyblock1 is now officially open (non-beta), there are no further planned resets unless a major issue is discovered that warrants it.

We'll begin beta testing a public skyblock2 in a few days with /fly in order to test sb2's economy. We're not totally decided on how kits on sb2 will work yet, we'll be gathering community input to figure it out.

Thank you for your patience while we've been working on skyblock, we hope you enjoy the result.