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by Sirenfal at 8:40 PM
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EDIT: See this post for more details.

Hello, Crewniverse players.

We're monitoring 1.8 closely, and it seems that the server for the latest patch has memory and performance issues. For server stability we're going to remain on 1.7 for a few days to wait and see how the server situation develops, either by Mojang releasing a hotfix or the community (Spigot, etc) working on the issue.

Thank you for your patience.

>picture of Crewniverse sysadmins updating to 1.8
by NobodyEpic at 11:13 PM
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Edit (Sirenfal): Podcast is over, thanks to everyone who watched! Click here to view the recorded stream.

Hey everyone!

We're going to be trying something new tomorrow to help address server related issues, and further cultivate our Crewniverse community. Around 7:00 PM EDT on Saturday 8/9/2014, myself, admin @Sirenfal, support @strum4h, and possibly a crew member or 2 will attempt a podcast on You should check it out. Yeah.
by PhDMiner at 1:49 PM
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Hello Crewniverse,

This post is to address an issue we currently have within our community. Recently a large number of players have started to say certain phrases like "1v1 me on <InsertServerNameHere>" or something along those lines and this post is to ensure that people are warned to discontinue using such phrases. We have a strict rule about advertising server IPs but we have decided that saying other server names will now lead to punishment. To an extent, saying another server's name is technically advertising. You are allowed to say the names of servers in PMs(/msg) but use discretion. Spamming a large number of people with a server's name will be considered advertising as well. If you do find a player saying another servers name too often, please be kind enough to report it to one of the in-game moderators. Any proof provided must be AFTER this post was created. We hope to see you on the server.

The Crewniverse Staff.
by Harvey at 10:43 PM
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There has been a lot of recent things coming from shoutbox that are un-needed for the server. All players should feel welcome here and met with an amount of respect when they're talking to the community. I understand there are jokes and things like that, but if a player asks you to stop, or that something you said has offended them, or upset them it needs to stop immediately. I get quite a few messages asking if punishments can be dealt to people harassing others in the shoutbox, or general disrespect. And I've tried to pay more attention to it to help out, but it was met with even more disrespect. So, as of now, when a staff member of Crewniverse asks you to drop something, stop talking about something, and of those things, please just do it and move on. If you feel you weren't talking about something offensive, rude, or anything, PM a forum mod about it, DO NOT ARGUE MATTERS IN CHAT. I know everyone's either been a part of it in some shape or form including staff, which is...